The schools we serve change from year to year.  As our schools  attract "local support" this allows us to work with  more schools and serve a growing number of children.  We know that at least 24 schools have become fully self supported and no longer need our assistance.  As this happens we move on to add additional schools.  From Take Action INC alone, over $112,000 worth of food was delivered to these schools during calendar year 2018.  Our expectations are we will far exceed that during 2019, with your help.  The number of schools and children we serve changes continually.  As of 2- 27-2019 we are active in 46 schools serving approximately 1,500 children 

Multnomah County: Portland, Gresham, Fairview

Sitton, James John,  Peninsula, George Middle, Boise-Eliot/Humboldt, Vestal, Hayhurst, Marysville, Creston, Pioneer Special, St. Andrew Nativity, Helensview, Ventura Park, Gilbert Heights, Lincoln Park, Russell, Hartley, Odyssey,  Ainsworth, Davis, Woodland,  Fairview, Hall, Four Creeks, Meadows, Woodmere, Knott Creek, Irvington

Washington County: Tigard, Tualatin, Durham, Hillsboro

*Tigard High, *Durham Education Center, Byrom, *Tualatin High, Eastwood, Free Orchards

*Snack and limited meals

Yamhill County - McMinnville

Sue Buel, Grandhaven,Wascher, Patton

Marion County: Salem-Keizer, Woodburn

Auburn, Scott, Chavez,  Hallman, Highland, Yoshikai, Eyre, Lamb, Heritage

Keizer Elementary - Snacks